Born to be a Dancer

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Given the different qualities of plywood and the way it can be manufactured, my first thoughts concentrate on the more sculptural elements of the material and the way it has been steam bent and moulded to create shells and organic shapes in important designs in the past. I’d like to experiment with this process and carefully look at the different outcomes, both in the way of appearance and quality of shape. I particularly like the natural pattern in plywood and would appreciate this, maybe smoothing it down slightly and creating a matt natural finish. The idea of a small storage device for magazines and newspapers that is kept at floor level appeals to me, something that not only stores them but acts as a display tool. I’d take into consideration the sculptural properties of this item and the pattern of the natural material and maybe incorperate some small steel details mainly for aesthetic properties to create a subtle contrast. I like the idea of small steel rods that can compliment the rounded organic feel of the finished item which I’d like to make quite an open design very much incorporating its surrounding space. Initial ideas of joining include concealed or very small joins maybe in the form of slots, gluing edges together or hidden rivets. The distinction between useable object and sculpture is going to be a very important aspect to the finished object.


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